Remote Viewing Cookbook:

1. Have someone set up a remote target.

2. Draw the target, with no information.

3. Compare the target and drawing.

- NO communication inbetween.

Remote Viewing: (RV) is the acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance or shielding, and generally believed to be secure against such access.


According to Wikipedia and die-hard scientists, this does not work, the "problem" is that it does. I have personally repeated the experiments CIA did, thousands of times, with about 75-90% hit rate.


Outside Reality explains HOW this is possible.


Here is the key to the kingdom; Remote viewing has nothing to do with what you do. It's all about what you do not do. You need to UN-learn things to do remote viewing. You need to become like a child, seeing the world for the first time.


Why is this important? If this works, and you will soon realize it does, just spend some time with Google, - it changes everything. Our understanding of reality has to change, but let me assure you, only to the better.

CIA explains well how to establich a secure protocol using double blinds etc. Todays technology, with email, secure messages etc. makes this a bit easier.

I respect that you need to "believe" for a while, until you performed your own experiemts. That leap of faith is although neccesary. You do not have to believe, but you need to be at least open minded skeptical.