Outside Reality is written by Roger Gotthardsson as an autobiographical travelogue and is explaining in detail how the reader can explore and expand consciousness using extreme forms of meditation together with many other tools. The book takes the reader to different levels of consciousness, far beyond our current norms and what is defined as our reality. The intention is to stretch what the reader think is possible and remove personal limitations. The purpose is to give the reader a personal development to completely new and unexplored levels. The book contains many personal stories of the most unexpected of meetings, with unforeseen consequences. The book wants to make the improbable probable, the impossible possible and the paranormal normal. It does not hesitate to address the most difficult and central questions about our existence and turn them in and out until they appear to be a logical consequence of our consciousness. The book is written based on 20 years of research that has led the author not only around the world, but also to completely different places that cannot simply be put into words.

Declaration of content:

- A map and travel guide of our shared consciousness.
- Practical tools for exceptionally deep meditation.
- Author’s metaphysical stories from 20 years of meditation practice.
- Reverse engineering plans of what you thought were your reality.

Possible side effects, reading this book:

- It causes you to become truly open-minded and to question

- It will teach you how to do remote viewing and how that
   actually works.

- It makes the paranormal normal and the impossible possible.

- It will push your mental boundaries and expand your mind.

Roger Gotthardsson

How did a Swedish Cyber Security expert use recently declassified CIA document to write a map of consciousness?

What does Virtual Reality simulation have to do with the retrieval of lost souls?

What has Computer Virtualization, that is performed in thousands of datacenters, at Facebook, Google and Amazon, has to do with re-incarnation and the borders between life and death?

How can you have a Near Death experience and travel thru the tunnel of light and come back completely safe?


The answer is: Get - Outside Reality

- and change your point of view.


“Outside Reality is a book that will offer you a new way to look at things that surround you. It’s almost a mind-stretching exercise where you will learn to leave your old belief system behind and realize, by yourself, that the reality is nothing like you were taught it to be. It’s a practical guide for stepping outside of your own reality that, at the same time, invites you to expand your mind.”

— SANELA CˇOVIC ́, Founder and CEO of The Soul Academy, Certified Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Author, 

      Director of Strategy at Michael Newton Institute


“In his fascinating book, Outside Reality, Roger Gotthardsson takes the reader to different levels of consciousness far beyond our current norms and what is defined as our reality. With authentic personal stories about his own inner travels, unexpected meetings and unforeseen consequences this book is very unique.”

— RITA BORENSTEIN, Reg.nurse, Osteopath D.O., Life between Lives® Facilitator,

       Michael Newton Institute Board Member

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